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About Saria continued

At age 13 I knew we had to be in Canada, the call was strong so, as a family of 7, we immigrated to Canada from Northern England. In those years, after being molested by a relative as a young teenager, I retreated into myself even more.

Later on I married and we had a child who was and still is the joy of my life.

After 26 years my marriage was falling apart.  My 16 year old job was not what I wanted.  I knew things had to change.

At this time in my life, I was in a tremendous amount of fear.  I had always been fearful of humans.  I hid it well or so I thought.  I would go into bouts of darkness to the point of laying on the floor curled up in the fetal position, unable to move, literally frozen in fear.  Debilitating headaches were happening, so violent that they left me to the point of vomiting.  I knew I had to end the marriage. After 26 years it was not easy, I still loved him.  16 years in a job I hated, I had to end that too.  I was receiving visions to let me know what I needed to do.  To the outside world I am sure I seemed fine, but I struggled on a daily basis to function, to show up at all.  Yet show up I did.   … with my camera.  Someone had told me I couldn’t take photos and I had believed it.

My life underwent major changes and started me on a personal journey of healing, of inner child work and the desire to help others heal themselves.  I became certified in several modalities, those that helped me find my way back to myself. Some of which are Energy Healing, Belief Repatterning and Past Life Regressions. It was through this journey I also began to acknowledge my psychic gifts and intuition.  The spark was back, and I dove into what truly gave me joy.   Creativity was back and  my camera and I went out to play.    Thank Mother Nature for all your glorious gifts and showing me the way.  I adore  capturing the essence of light and life.

I had a strong sense in 2011 that I was going to be on the move again.  In 2012, I was called to Xenia Retreat Centre on Bowen Island. xeniacentre.com  I had landed in paradise.  My connection to nature bloomed and I felt so aligned with my life. Then I brought an old relationship to Xenia and my alignment disappeared.

In 2016 I was diagnosed with cancer for the 2nd time, the first one was 26 years prior to that. Realizing then how much I had been holding in my body, how much I had been suppressing.  How I did not listen to my own inner wisdom, even when the still small voice was being so persistent.    It was a real eye opener to the importance of keeping my energy clear and in balance and to have more honest conversations with myself and others.

After much letting go, many difficult decisions and questioning of my beliefs I re-committed to life.   It became imperative to return to that childlike wonder, peace and calm and vibrancy of life.

I love being in service to my clients because I get to bring my nurturing,  experience, knowledge and skills to each session.   I love to see them regain their life force and see the sparkle in their eyes.  Check ‘Services’ on the menu bar for more information and to book a session.

I look forward to meeting you.