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Saria Suzann Bailey

A Safe Haven

‘There she was standing there, alone in the dark. A sliver of sunlight danced with the dust, as it made its way through a crack in the door. Twirl with me it said. It kissed her face. It opened her soul, enticing her to come out and play.

She didn’t know how to open the door.  The handle was too high for her to reach.  After all she was only 3 years old.  What she did know was she could do anything.  She slipped into the sliver of light.  Out through the crack in the door and into the full light of day.’

 This is a poem from one of my collections and is the essence of me and the desire I have to be the light, in the light and to come out and play. I believe this is the essence of us all.   To me this means to express fully who I am in all my glory and wisdom and have fun doing it.

These days it is about being a safe haven for others with my healing practice and expressing creatively from the place of play and magic.  This includes photography, poetry, writing, gardening and cooking.

It was not always like this; From an early age, I believed that I was invisible, was not seen nor heard and with this I suppressed my voice and my power. I retreated into myself.


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What You Can Expect From Your Reiki, Healing Touch, Crystal
Healing And Past Life Regression Session

Each healing session is a unique experience. Since each session is intuitively guided it may be that more than one modality is used. This will be at no additional cost. The following descriptions are for general information only. Initially you will meet with me to discuss your condition or symptoms and what you would like to gain from your session.

I have been blessed to have had a lot of help in my healing journey. I have added some other videos that are from some of these facilitators.

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Red Leaves

Pretty Purple


Clouds Touch the Earth

Las Brisas Bird

Tina O standing stones

Tina O cowboy

Tina O opa goddess

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