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Saria Suzann Bailey

A Safe Haven

My mission in life is and always has been to listen deeply, hold space for what is needed and provide a safe space for that.  It is to be of service and be a safe haven for my clients. I love to listen,  guide and support people on their healing journey.    I am the conduit for those ready to experience feeling vibrant and alive. I use several different modalities as well as some phototherapy leading edge technology. 

These days it is about being safe haven for others with my healing practice and expressing creativity from the place of play and magic with photography, poetry, and writing.

As a Reiki Master and Healing Touch practitioner with certification in several other modalities I support my clients in clearing chronic pain, fatigue and tension. As well as to deal with past trauma, to clear blockages and fears and so much more. …

In 2016 I was diagnosed with cancer for the 2nd time, the first one was 26 years prior. The 3rd was in November 2021. Had it not been for a fall and a broken femur, I would likely be dead now.  My mother had left the planet at the end of December 2020 and it hit me really hard. It was almost like I wanted to join her. I stopped taking care of myself on all levels especially the physical.

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Welcome to EarthStar Synergy
A Safe Haven. A place of Healing and Creativity, Magic and Miracles.

Each healing session is a unique experience and is intuitively guided. Initially we will connect to discuss your condition or symptoms  as well as questions you may have and what you would like to gain from your session. The change that takes place during and after a session can be different for each person.  All  leave with a profound sense of peace and calm and at the same time feel vibrant and alive.

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